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Project Description
This kit uses the DevCow.Mashup FREE framework to demonstrate how to quickly build mashup applications in managed code for rich applications or web applications.

The idea for the Mashup Framework is that it is a managed set of APIs that can be hosted in an .NET application. This means you can have an enterprise mashup in a console application, WPF application, or on the web as most are today. You just simply create an instance of the Mashup and call ExecuteMashup

More documentation will come shortly, but here is an example of the managed code that you would add to your application to run a Mashup.
NOTE: This example assumes you have the Sample Mashup Blocks configuration in C:\Mashup and the SampleBlocks.dll either in the GAC or local bin directory.

                MashupManager mm = new MashupManager();

                //Get the block from the mashup manager
                MashupBlock bi1 = mm.GetBlock("NameDateArrayBlock2");
                MashupBlock bi2 = mm.GetBlock("BirthdayBlock");

                //Create a new mashup
                Mashup myMashup = new Mashup();

                //add a mashup connection
                MashupBlockConnection conn = myMashup.AddConnection(bi1, "MyArray").AddConnection(bi2, "Birthday");
                conn.mappers.Add("date", new BlockMapper { Source = "NameDateArrayBlock2", Value = "Birthdate" });
                conn.mappers.Add("name", new BlockMapper { Source = "NameDateArrayBlock2", Value = "FirstName" });

                //execute the mashup
                myMashup.output = Console.out;

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